Fly The Wing

Plus One Flyers has become the largest, most active and safest flying club in the country, and it’s based right here in San Diego.

Plus One Flyers gives you access to 60+ airplanes, at rates 20-30% less than FBO’s and Flight Schools. There’s just a 1-hour daily minimum for multi-day rentals, and full-service re-fueling is included (all airplanes rent “wet”, with fuel included). Airplanes are based at Gillespie, Montgomery, Ramona, and Palomar Airports.

As a Plus One member you’ll enjoy flying a variety of well-equipped, clean airplanes including trainer, cross-country, twin and aerobatic airplanes. Something for everybody from student through professional pilot. Check out the membership benefits, and join Plus One Flyers today!

Click here to learn how to join. Fill out the application, go to one of the six orientation meetings held each month, pay your $99 initiation fee, and you’re good to go.


List my name (‘Garry Wing’) in Section C of your membership form (referring club member name), and I’ll credit back to you your 3rd monthly dues fee of $32.